Get Blogging!

“Your easy guide to starting a new blog.

A blog is an easy way to get started writing on the web. Your voice is important: it deserves its own site. The more people add their unique perspectives to the web, the more valuable it becomes.”

I’ve been blogging since January 2017. In those five years, I’ve found it to be a useful exercise of thinking out loud, taking technical notes, saving websites/stories, etc. I, personally, find it useful in my own life, and I’d recommend it as a practice for others. This can provide some help getting started to non-technical users. The easiest thing you can do is pay for a site on I believe they still have free versions, and the personal version is something like $4 a month. Well worth it, in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Get Blogging!

  1. I’ve been on WordPress for 16 years now. Never paid or earned a dime. Also promised I’d never monetize my site. Dunno why I’d pay even the modest amount per month, expecting that it would not stay modest.

    1. The main reason I pay is to have my own URL and to remove ads. I find ads obnoxious. If I am going to have a site, I’m willing to pay to remove them. I could also run my own site, but it’s worth the cost in time to let WordPress manage it.

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