Seed & Spark

Seed & Spark is a Kickstarter for film projects. You can support an individual campaign, such as The Long Goodbye, and it works like Kickstarter, offering different incentives based on contribution level.

The advantage for film makers is that 75% of projects get funded, which is twice the rate of Kickstarter. Seed & Spark also charges lower fees, partly because they also serve as the distribution channel. Further, they distribute funds when it hits 80%, rather than requiring full funding.

As a distribution channel, it has an interesting model. You can sign-up for a subscription for $6.99/month. For this fee, you both get to watch the content created using the platform, and some of your subscription money is used to fund new projects. Every month, you get to pick one project you’d like to support for that month.

I think it’s an interesting model for distributed decision making for financing  independent film and has the potential to open up the medium to new voices and perspectives and supporting emerging talent when it matters most, at the beginning of their careers.

Bail Bloc

Here’s how it works: When you download the app, a small part of your computer’s unused processing power is redirected toward mining a popular cryptocurrency called Monero, which is secure, private, and untraceable. At the end of every month, we exchange the Monero for US dollars and donate the earnings to the Bronx Freedom Fund and through them, a new nation-wide initiative, The Bail Project.

100% of the currency your computer generates is used by the Bronx Freedom Fund to post bail for low-income people detained in New York effective immediately. Beginning in January 2018, funds will be routed to The Bail Project, which will over the next five years post bail for people detained in more than three dozen cities nation-wide.

Bail funds accumulate: Bail funds are “revolving,” which means they’re returned to their source when people appear for all their court dates–which, for clients of The Bronx Freedom Fund, happens 96% of the time.

Most Bail Bloc users can expect to generate around $3 to $5 per month. It might not seem like much, but because of the revolving funding model, it adds up quickly…”

The Ryan Holiday Reading Recommendation Email

The Ryan Holiday Reading Recommendation Email is a monthly email “with 5 to 10 amazing books that I read, reviewed and think you’ll like. The goal of the newsletter is to recommend books that stick with you long after you’ve put them down—or better yet, change your life…Each book has a one sentence review along with connections to similar or related books and a thought or two on why I felt the book is important.”

Orb Media

Orb Media: “Rather than bombarding the public with breaking news while providing little in the way of context, Orb practices proactive journalism. We ask how events may (or may not) fit into a meaningful, global trend. We use today’s digital tools to consider our world as a set of interlocking human and natural systems, rather than a confounding deluge of random events.”