Huey P. Newton Gun Club

“Our mission is to aspire to educate and arm black people in the U.S. and abroad. We realize this is an international struggle against capitalism and imperialism. We also are in solidarity with poor people around the world and understand the similarities we deal with.”

Huey P. Newton Gun Club

The true test for believers in gun rights: should groups you don’t belong to, e.g., minorities, the poor, the marginalized, etc., have guns? If you don’t want people armed who are poor, black and homeless, perhaps you don’t believe in gun rights, but something else?

The Asshole Filter

“If you find yourself wondering, or just feeling, “Why is everyone I wind up dealing with an asshole?” you might want to consider the possibility that you have set up an asshole filter. Asshole filters are an extremely common phenomenon, and an extremely common problem…

…An asshole filter is a situation one creates that causes non-assholes to reduce contact with you at a disproportionate rate (like at all) than assholes.

The simplest way to do this is to ask politely.

An asshole filter happens when you publicly promulgate a straitened contact boundary and then don’t enforce it; or worse, reward the people who transgress it.”

-siderea, “The Asshole Filter.” September 15, 2015.


“Bentoism was introduced in a book called This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World by Yancey Strickler that theorizes that the world operates according to a limited understanding of self-interest. We see Now Me as the only rational perspective. The other spaces are seen as emotional or nebulous when they’re seen at all.

Bentoism extends how we define self-interest. Its structure expands beyond the here and now. This is useful as a personal tool (the focus of this website) or as a way to identify new values and forms of growth (the long-term goal of Bentoism). A company like Patagonia, for example, is focused equally on the growth of a Future Us value like sustainability as they are the Now Me goal of profitability.

At the heart of Bentoism is a belief in a wider spectrum of value. Bentoism justifies new concepts and approaches to identifying, growing, and protecting value in new forms.”

Metaiye Knights

“Metaiye Knights is a graphic novel and gaming saga on the rise of a decentralized freedom movement across digital and physical realms. Think the Matrix, meets Tron meets Mr Robot in comic, gaming and film formats for the mixed reality, crypto generation…

…Metaiye Knights teaches users how and why to utilize blockchain in a compelling manner, in a saga based on the evolution of the decentralized web. Starting as a graphic novel, our story evolves into an open gaming platform that will ultimately culminate as a TV or film series — it tells the story of the rise of a decentralized society and is published using decentralized money and collectibles. Users will be able to create assets that persist like personal avatars and digital collectibles, which they will be able to keep and use in other environments regardless of what happens with the platform, which will make them more valuable and collectible with time. It will use VR and AR to create new reading and gaming experiences and use blockchain to pioneer new distribution, payment and rewards models.”

Metaiye Knights

So, this is a project like Kickstarter, but instead of getting a product, you are buying shares of the creative product produced. I’ve never seen anything like this before. My guess is that it is a bad investment, but if it helps get something made that you’d like to see, such as a comic book and gaming platform that helps promote blockchain technologies, perhaps it is worth it to people with a lot of discretionary income?

Project Someone

“The SOMEONE (SOcial Media EducatiON Every day) … consists of a web-based portal of multimedia materials aimed at preventing hate speech and building resilience towards radicalization that leads to violent extremism.

The materials target youth, school and community members, public policy officials, as well as the broader public by focusing on the development of critical thinking and information literacy skills, and encouraging democratic dialogues in online and offline spaces.

h/t The Walrus. There’s also an Apple app called Plural.

Visual Guide to Portion Sizes


Also, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has a discussion on how portion and serving sizes have changed over the years.

Diet is key. While it is possible to reduce your weight by increasing the amount of exercise you do, it often doesn’t stay off because you need to continue that exercise regime to keep it off. As the saying goes: you cannot outrun a bad diet.

Once you have your diet under control, it is also useful to consider the guidelines for physical activity that I have referenced before and perhaps done in combination with a monthly 45 minute physical fitness test.

To put it another way, if you worked your way up to doing a running 10 miles every week, did it for a year and kept your diet the same, it would burn ~700-1500 calories a week, which would result in weight loss of between 10-20 pounds a year.

Lore Olympus

“In this Webtoon, the story of Persephone and Hades is retold from a new perspective… modern day. This dramatic, somewhat addictive story involves two Greek gods, who meet by chance, and suddenly start questioning their feelings for each other. On top of that, this story features relationship struggles, looking for love, going to school for the first time, abusive situations, futures not chosen by the person it’s for, parties, and MUCH, MUCH more. I really think you will love this webtoon! For all those fans of the Kane Chronicles and the Percy Jackson and Hero of Olympus series. Or, basically anyone who has ever found any form of enjoyment out of fictional shipping and romantic fandoms will find a home in this story.”

—”Lore Olympus.” Webtoon Wiki.

Episode 1.