Dystopian Fever Dream

It's lonely, a technician in psychospace a cursed world, an immortal cancerscape residual runoff of human desire, the interface with incessant demons and no hope of escape. The lumpen digitariat, creating the villages necessary for the village idiots, Radio Rental. Sympathy for the monks, drunks and cabbages, they say, "Authoritarian deliberation is coinky-dental."The Mean World … Continue reading Dystopian Fever Dream

Salad Messiah

(413 words) Our rule: we do whatever the fuck we want,a heavenly kakistocracy, the Host on High:flâneur, stumblebums, mollycoddled half-humpshanding down a queasy quadroonerie of essentialism,an Aleatory principle, WYSIATI. A carceral stateon this side of the multiverse, one eternity in eternities,waving Ludwig Wittgenstein's magical bracelet of meaning, dropping spiritual gems cattywampus into the matrix. Weltschmerz, … Continue reading Salad Messiah