I started cafebedouin.org after reading this bit of advice from Don Joyce, just after his death:

“‘Over The Edge‘ would never have achieved its present level of adeptness if it had not had years to develop. This aspect has allowed not only the perfection of techniques, but also evolving practices such as subtle but fruitful themes which would never occur as anyone’s first choice, returning casts of characters, regular ‘features’, a whole fictional network called The Universal Media Netweb, and countless interrelated ‘plots’ and fantasys which have developed over time. And just when all that becomes too familiar, we can pull a complete hoax and pretend to replace O.T.E. with some other show entirely. All this depends on the ability to play with regularity. (A key to understanding the effects of all transmission media.) Being somewhat interactive in unfamiliar ways, O.T.E. in particular, requires a regularly scheduled slot which listeners can become acquainted with and, over time, explore their own ways to develop a creative relationship with it. Such potentials are not always fulfilled, but they are important potentials to hold out, and there is always next week… I repeat: GET YOUR OWN SHOW.”

—Don Joyce, “GET YOUR OWN SHOW!Negativland.com. 1995. Accessed November 2016. http://www.negativland.com/archives/002getshow/

This is my show. It’s a blog as hupomnemata. Most of the content is quotes, images, video and so forth that I think is interesting. Some of it will serve as fodder for ideas for commentary, essays, sketches, photos, etc.

My intent is to just go with the flow and see if any patterns or creative directions emerge. The tagline comes from a post from Austin Kleon, a reminder that regularity (in this case, a daily post) is key. Evolution requires iteration.

I don’t imagine an audience for this blog beyond myself and perhaps a few friends. But, if you have somehow stumbled upon it, then welcome. Feel free to stir the swill bucket.

Year in Review: 2017.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a most welcome discovery! I’ve been repeatedly checking your old site, which the internet has finally deemed dead beyond resuscitation. It’s a pleasure to see you are still around and thinking out loud. I look forward to following the blog.

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