Steven Pinker’s Rules For Writing

Reverse-engineer what you read. If it feels like good writing, what makes it good? If it’s awful, why?Prose is a window onto the world. Let your readers see what you are seeing by using visual, concrete language.Don’t go meta. Minimize concepts about concepts, like “approach, assumption, concept, condition, context, framework, issue, level, model, perspective, process, … Continue reading Steven Pinker’s Rules For Writing

OpenBSD’s Guide to Netiquette

The OpenBSD's mailing list page netiquette section is excellent. It is a distillation of how to communicate online, i.e.: Plain text, 72 characters per line [or simplest formatting available]Do your homework before writingInclude a useful subject line [or headline]Trim your signatureStay on topicInclude important informationRespect differences in opinion and philosophy Using only plain text is … Continue reading OpenBSD’s Guide to Netiquette