The Story of Us — Wait But Why

“Many months later, it’s now time to invite you into this bizarre world I’ve been living alone in for the past three years. Needless to say, I’m excited about that.

Alicia, Andrew, and I have done a lot of thinking about the best way to publish this behemoth. We knew we wanted it to be free and accessible to everyone (something we have the luxury of doing thanks to our tremendously generous and patient Patreon supporters), but we had to decide what the best format would be. We eventually settled on a long series of short posts (short by Wait But Why standards, long by any other standard). It’s still meant to be read as one big story, but the series format will allow readers to digest and discuss each major idea along the way. We’re still working out the exact number of posts it’ll be cut into and the exact posting schedule, but it’ll take a few months to put all of the posts out. After a long period of radio silence from our end, get ready for a big fall ’19 from Wait But Why… We can’t wait to take this journey with you.”

—Tim Urban, email introduction to “The Story of Us.” August 28, 2019.