MasterClass: Black History, Black Freedom and Black Love

“As part of the $2 million commitment at MasterClass to make content that inspires and educates on social justice and against systemic racism, for the first-time ever an entire class will be available to stream for free. The three-part class, Black History, Black Freedom and Black Love will be freely available on during Black History Month. MasterClass has also teamed up with Amazon to make the class available to stream for free on IMDb TV and available for all U.S. Prime Members on Prime Video.”

Recommended by a friend of mine, which would be enough by itself. Also, the class is taught by Jelani Cobb, Angela Davis, John McWhorter, Cornel West and Kimberle Williams Crenshaw. I’ll pretty much watch anything with Cornel West in it. I thought I’d add it here before watching it myself to give you more time to check it out.