U2: We Are the People [Making Next Level Shite]

I try to avoid highlighting things that are bad here, just as one tries to avoid stepping in poop. But, holy shit, the Euro 2021 theme song We Are The People is terrible. I somehow keep hearing it, despite being quite comfortable living the rest of my life and never hearing it again.

Curious. Does the band call “The Edge”, “The Edge”? Like Bono turns to The Edge and asks, “Hey The Edge, I want to go get some food as bad as our music, you want the 12 piece McNuggets again?” Or, does he call him “E” and Bono is “B”? I’m going to imagine Adam and Larry go by “A” and “L”, and then make some bad joke about having a better understanding about why Cain had to kill ABEL. Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.