The “Lowercase Music” Genre is Ambient at Its Most Minimal

"'lowercase' [is a musical genre that] 'bears a certain sense of quiet and humility; it does not demand attention, it must be discovered. [The] work might imply one thing on the surface but contain other things beneath… it’s the opposite of capital letters—loud things which draw attention to themselves.'" —"The 'Lowercase Music' Genre is Ambient … Continue reading The “Lowercase Music” Genre is Ambient at Its Most Minimal

Doomsday Survival Kit — Praed "They also sound like nothing else around…anywhere. Sure they’re mining an exotic aspect of Arabic popular culture, yet they’re doing so in such an exciting and groundbreaking way, referencing freejazz and electronic music and in the process creating new and hitherto unknown genres of sound that sets the pulse racing." —Bob Baker Fish quoted … Continue reading Doomsday Survival Kit — Praed