The Truth About Devo, America’s Most Misunderstood Band

“‘So how do you change things? Subversion: that’s how. Who does it best? Madison Avenue; they get people to buy things that are bad for them every day…That’s what we wanted to do, use subversion to sell people things that they don’t know they want.’

…But to dismiss Devo as nostalgia compilation fodder is to overlook a body of work that feels prescient in both style and substance, rife with critiques of consumerism, right-wing ascendance, Midwestern paternalism, corporate monoculture, and geopolitical hysteria…We were a self-proclaimed canary in a coal mine warning people about the emerging dangers of technology as a god to be worshipped, rather than as a tool to be exploited, and the centralized Corporate Feudal State that seemed to be barreling full speed ahead…

Because we thought rock and roll was dead already. We thought rock and roll had been used up, and it was intellectually vapid, and there was no reason for it to continue. ”

—Mark Mothersbaugh in an interview with Andrea Domanick. “The Truth About Devo, America’s Most Misunderstood Band.” Vice. August 29, 2018.

Devo-lution is upon us. Not much new besides the book. Still, interesting if you didn’t know much about them and sympathize with their message, as I do.

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