A Tale of Two Briskets

“The one on the left is a crowd-pleaser, one you could comfortably serve to goys. But the one on the right is the one I grew up with.”

-Hillary Busis, “A Tale of Two Briskets.” AndSmallPortions.com. December 7, 2015

Nonnie’s brisket vs. high-end cookbook recipe. I’ve never cooked brisket, but one thing I notice is the Lipton onion soup packet is also used in the vegetarian meatloaf recipe. Bookmarking this for the future.

Xmas in Frisko on SomaFM

“For people tired of traditional holiday music. From the offensive, raunchy and nasty to the silly and childish, a mix of music for Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice and of course Christmas. You’ll probably get in trouble if you listen out loud at the office, but it might be worth it just to offend your annoying co-workers.”

Xmas in Frisko on SomaFM

To get the flavor, something you are likely to hear on Xmas in Frisko: Back Door Santa.