Dune Foresaw—and Influenced—Half a Century of Global Conflict

“Written even before the advent of America’s war in Vietnam, Dune captures a world in which war is inherently asymmetric, where head-on, conventional military conflict has largely been replaced with all the subtler ways that humans seek to dominate one another: insurgency and counterinsurgency, sabotage and assassination, diplomacy, espionage and treachery, proxy wars and resource control. For the military officers and intelligence analysts who still read and reread Dune today, it presents an uncanny reflection of the state of geopolitical competition in 2021—from the pitfalls of regime change to the terra incognita of cyberwar.

-Andy Greenberg, “Dune Foresaw—and Influenced—Half a Century of Global Conflict.” Wired. September 28 ,2021

Obligatory. See also: The Secret History of Dune.

Horses, Not Zebras

“‘If you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras,’ Mom liked to say, drawing from her wisdom as an emergency-room nurse that cautioned against wild medical diagnoses…

But I wonder — in our walling off what we can talk about and what we cannot, in our work to accept each other despite our conflicting views of the world and how to live in it, in deciding who we talk to and who we write off — how can we move forward together and fast enough to heal ourselves, our communities, this planet? Because that is what we are losing in the fractures.”

-Anjoli Roy, “My Brown Dad Voted For Trump.” LongReads.com, November 2019.