Spoiled Militaries

““Even those with military experience, you’ve got to realise that there isn’t a war that has been fought like this in a long time,” Le said. “What’s different with the US military and all the other NATO militaries—they’re spoiled. When it comes to fighting a war, they have air support, medivac, logistics, all kinds of different levels of intelligence, and support. Here in Ukraine, we had none of that.”

Alastair McCready, ” Returning Soldiers Reveal the Dark Side of Life in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion.” Vice. March 29, 2022

Reminds me of that saying from Afghanistan, “Americans have the watches. But the Taliban have the time.” When it comes to fighting a war, if you don’t have air support, medivac, logistics and other forms of support, you’re going to fight it differently than when you do. The other thing that is funny about this comment is that this is always the case, this soldier just got to see what it was like being on the other side of it.