Eclipse Phase 2E Bundle & After The Fall

“Agent! This all-new Eclipse Phase 2E Bundle presents the 2019 Second Edition of Eclipse Phase, the tabletop science fiction roleplaying game of transhuman survival from Posthuman Studios. After losing Earth in a war with AIs, transhumanity disperses throughout the Solar System and beyond, struggling to survive. In a typical Eclipse Phase game, characters belong to Firewall, a secret cross-faction organization that protects transhumanity from biowar plagues, self-replicating nanoswarms, nuclear proliferation, terrorists with WMDs, net-breaking computer attacks, rogue AIs, alien encounters, and anything else that could drive an already decimated transhumanity to extinction. Agents may even step through a Pandora Gate, a wormhole to distant stars and the alien secrets beyond.

Funded in an April 2017 Kickstarter campaignEclipse Phase Second Edition improves the game with faster character creation, streamlined “resleeving” (body switching), new skill and gear systems, updated combat and hacking rules, and four sample teams. Most First Edition source material is compatible with the 2019 Second Edition.

For just US$14.95 you get all eight titles in our Eclipse Collection (retail value $54) as DRM-free ebooks, including the complete Eclipse Phase 2E corebook, plus the free QuickStart RulesRules Primer, and Character Pack; three 2E adventures – Router Case FilesXenovore, and Overrun; and four “Nano Ops” two-page mini-scenarios: All That GlittersBetter on the InsideBody Count, and Grinder.

I mentioned Eclipse Phase back in November 2017. If you like role-playing, this is a good way to pick it up.

Also, check out After the Fall, a series of short stories and novellas in this world:

In a world of transhuman survival and horror, technology allows the re-shaping of bodies and minds, but also creates opportunities for oppression and puts the capability for mass destruction in the hands of everyone. Other threats lurk in the devastated habitats of the Fall, dangers both familiar and alien.

After the Fall is the first anthology from Posthuman Studios, set in the world of Eclipse Phase, their award-winning roleplaying game. The anthology is a mix of old and new fiction, including stories by Eclipse Phase favorites—Talia Dean, Jack Graham, Steve Mohan, and Rob Boyle and Davidson Cole. New fiction will feature science fiction rising stars Ken Liu, Madeline Ashby, Fran Wilde, Karin Lowachee, Wesley Schneider, and Andrew Penn Romine.

I do not role play, but the book really drew me into the world of Eclipse Phase. Highly recommended.