The Barstool Rule

“Folks, I’m a non participant in all forms of social media other than maintaining a mostly inactive LinkedIn account. Therefore, I’m unfamiliar with the condition of discourse out on the inter-webs. As an individual who’s spent a lot of time in bars and at card tables throughout North America, on those rare occasions that I post a comment, I do the following: before hitting ‘send,’ I read it out loud. If it sounds like something I’d be comfortable saying in any bar in America, I hit send. If not, I revise or delete. Quite frankly, I’ve read a lot on this thread and others since I’ve had the privilege of joining your little club that would have gotten someone knocked backward off their barstool, or otherwise corrected, if said out loud in the real world. You all are really smart people. If you just take a sec to use those big, beautiful brains of yours, a good portion of these ‘misunderstandings’ will likely be eliminated. Just my two cents.”


Something I saw in a forum I frequent that I thought was great and worth remembering. Unattributed because the poster in question clearly isn’t looking to increase his or her online profile.

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