How You Play Spades Is How You Play Life

How You Play Spades is How You Play Life is a web page that summarized the results of an online survey about the role of Spades in the lives of African Americans. It has innovative web design. It’s worth checking out, particularly if you are not familiar with this card game. I learned on a ship when I was in the Navy, and it’s a lot of fun. Recommended.

6 thoughts on “How You Play Spades Is How You Play Life

  1. The learning curve for bridge is pretty steep. Chances are, you’ll feel confused and at sea for a long time before things start to click and fit together. The book I’d recommend is Truscott’s Basic Bridge in Three Weeks (quite inexpensive used). The free online site I’d recommend for learning, practice, and casual play is bridgebase [dot] com. All that said, sitting down with other experienced players (just one is enough — I’ve taught lots of others) to learn, analyze, and discuss is traditionally the best way to learn the game. The game is interpersonal, not an academic or online experience.

  2. I learned to play bridge before I learned to play spades. Lots of overlap, but spades always felt like a poor man’s version of bridge to me.

    1. On the other side, I never saw bridge being played on the mess deck, but I did see a lot of spades, dominoes, and a bit poker among the cooks. I’d bet there’s a selection bias there, and part of it is economic. Just like you see a whole lot more black dudes in First Division and Engineering than in Combat Systems, a difference not only in skin, but who worked where it was cold or hot.

      1. Interesting. In fairness, I should admit that I played A LOT of Spades in undergraduate college and lots more bridge in graduate school, where I taught the players of Spades how to play Bridge. They caught on quickly and never looked back. So context is everything.

      2. I’ve always wanted to learn bridge, but never was part of a community that played it. I’m pretty sure it’s available online. Any suggestions on how to go about learning to play it?

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