“Tubi is the People’s Champ and perhaps the last bastion of hope for unifying our fractured culture. It’s where you can see Duck Dynasty featured prominently alongside Dead Presidents in the “Not on Netflix” category. A category that exists to brag a little, but also to unify us against a common enemy. Netflix doesn’t want the Duck Dynasty people hanging out with the Dead Presidents people and we all fuckin’ know it. Tubi is the streaming service for the curious, the unsatisfied, the broke, the thinker and the idiot, the normie and the outsider. Tubi is for all of us, and we’re god damn lucky to have it.”

—Joe McAdam, “Tubi, The People’s Champ.” Recommend If You Like. July 19, 2021

We really need more reviews in this style. Who wouldn’t want to dumpster dive this content after reading this recommendation?

70 Over 70 Podcast

“You know those 30 under 30 lists that make you feel kinda inadequate and terrible? 70 Over 70 is the opposite of that. Max Linsky talks to 70 remarkable people all over the age of 70 about their lives — what they’ve learned, what they’re still trying to figure out and how they’re thinking about what comes next.”

70 Over 70


“Dharma Seed gathers, preserves, and freely shares recordings of teachers inspired by early Buddhism for the benefit of students, teachers, and dharma centers worldwide.

The talks and meditations available through the Dharma Seed website are largely, although not exclusively, teachings from the Western Insight Meditation tradition, as taught at centers like the Insight Meditation Society (IMS), Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Gaia House and New York Insight.

A growing number of teachers, retreat centers and local meditation groups across the US and around the world make their teachings available here. Over 30,000 talks and guided meditations are currently publicly available. These range from talks given last night at Spirit Rock to talks offered over 30 years ago during the early days of IMS.

Dharma Seed’s origins can be traced back to 1983 in IMS’s basement when Bill Hamilton, then a work retreatant, began making some recordings from the meditation hall teachings available on cassette tapes. Much has changed since then – the number of teachers and centers that we support has grown exponentially and all of our materials are now available through our website.”


The Syllabus

“By combining algorithms and human curation, we salvage the most thoughtful intellectual output from the ever-mounting great pile of information — most of which is simply rubbish.

The result? An eclectic selection of the best new academic articles, essays, talks, podcasts, books, lectures, and more, produced for you, once a week.

Led by technology critic Evgeny Morozov, The Syllabus method combines algorithmic filtering, categorisation and systematic human curation – across six languages – to power our various syllabi.