2 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Produce Fresh For Weeks

  1. Very useful, thanks! I’m going to disagree on the lemons, though. Maybe Wirecutter knows something I don’t (surely), but some time ago I took advice from Cook’s Illustrated when I had more lemons than I needed: store them in the fridge in large ziploc bags. They’ll retain surprising freshness for a month. I rarely use this, because I rarely have surplus lemons. But so far it has worked well any time I have extra. (I’ve also done it with a lemon and lime assortment; same good results).


    1. Thanks for the link. I’ve been buying a lot of limes and lemons lately after some serendipitous reading that Tom Brady drinks limes, lemons, ginger and salt with coconut water to create an electrolyte solution that tastes good to help with cramping and recover from workouts. Don’t much follow football, but this truly works for people that get cramps at night when they sleep and so forth.

      You ever get to do your long trip this summer? Drop me a email when you have time and/or inclination.

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