“Tubi is the People’s Champ and perhaps the last bastion of hope for unifying our fractured culture. It’s where you can see Duck Dynasty featured prominently alongside Dead Presidents in the “Not on Netflix” category. A category that exists to brag a little, but also to unify us against a common enemy. Netflix doesn’t want the Duck Dynasty people hanging out with the Dead Presidents people and we all fuckin’ know it. Tubi is the streaming service for the curious, the unsatisfied, the broke, the thinker and the idiot, the normie and the outsider. Tubi is for all of us, and we’re god damn lucky to have it.”

—Joe McAdam, “Tubi, The People’s Champ.” Recommend If You Like. July 19, 2021

We really need more reviews in this style. Who wouldn’t want to dumpster dive this content after reading this recommendation?