Our Cults Become Our Culture

“A false theory of culture is worse than a false theory of the heavens. The planets stick to their orbits no matter what we think, but culture becomes what we believe it is. Conditioned by the prophets of data and nostalgia to imagine no further than the evidence of the past, we forget that people are self-aware and their actions shaped by a self-aware culture. Our explanations are not independent of our behavior but constitutive of it. As such, our cults of thinking become our culture.”

—Greg Jackson, “Sources of Life.” The Point. March 24, 2021.

This essay is so good, and this quote is probably not the best excerpt. Worth reading in its entirety.

2 thoughts on “Our Cults Become Our Culture

  1. As you said there is so much in there, it would be difficult to pick the ‘best’ excerpt.
    I don’t think I have read any other piece on what we have lived/are living through that so honest and raw, that touches on things I felt but either didn’t want to look at both in myself and in others…..the big picture not a snapshot that can be pushed aside. Although there was not much to smile about, I did laugh out loud at one point
    “Casting call for Armageddon” sometimes you really don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    His writing is so good it is impossible to look away. Once again, deep bow to your inexhaustible research on just about everything.

    1. Just got back to my computer after a few days away. Thanks for your comment! I agree, really great piece. As for finding stuff, these things I post are just what I happen to come across as I do my reading. Most of it is serendipitous; someone mentions something and I follow down some strange rabbit hole. Glad some of it is interesting for you though…

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