2 thoughts on “Darknet Diaries

  1. Just listened to the ‘project raven’ episode….wow, makes you want to just want to backpedal your way out of all your devices, strange that to live intentionally electronically ‘off grid’ in society now would seem either old school or somehow anti social or rebellious like being caught in a web of our own making.

    1. I think it helps to think of your risk profile. Who is interested in you, e.g., scammer, criminal gang, nation state, etc.? The capabilities are different for each. And then, are they interested in you specifically or are you part of a group? If it’s a scammer trying to focus on easy prey above a certain age that isn’t technically savvy, you just need to have much better security than your group. However, if you are Ed Snowden and the target of NSA, then you have a whole different class of problem. The bottom line is that most criminal activity is done online these days and requires we take common sense precautions, like use a password manager, two factor authentication with important accounts, etc. From there, there are other good ideas, such as using a VPN, but this can be harder for non-technical users. I guess my point here is that much of the threat can be mitigated if you understand what the threats are and are willing to do a bit a work to mitigate them. Still, there’s always risks which need to be weighed against the benefits. One problem is most people don’t understand the risk and don’t want to be inconvenienced. Good. It means they are more likely to be targeted than I am. The whole only need to run faster than you from the bear idea. Be nice if everyone could be protected, but it’s not how the world works.

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