5 thoughts on “A Night at the Garden

  1. Yes, sorry I was so stunned I didn’t even mention the feeling in the pit of my stomach watching that matched the one I have been feeling for days. That history repeats itself…. That man doesn’t learn from history. I am alone on the island and sorting through much re life, love and the pursuit of happiness……as I left the co-op yesterday there was a delivery person talking with someone and I heard this snippet of the conversation”things have been slower due to covid, it is difficult as we manifest this transformation” I headed to the beach to think, if we “are” manifesting a human transformation what is it? This Covid/ #45 convergence has pushed every thing to the brink.

    1. I’m imagining Trump, after the inauguration, entering a chrysalis as an ugly, scotum-faced carnival barker, only to emerge as a beatified arch-demon, reelected as President and ushering in the Rapture and then apocalypse, a hellscape of radioactive fallout, open radiation sores filled with pus, and shadows on the sidewalk. Then, I give a moment of thanks that reality is rarely as terrible as my imagination.

      1. Oh my, I think we have all had at least a glimpse of your imagination piece in our separate minds.

        I am heading back to the beach to think some more…..we have passed the point of no return…when I say we I mean all of us, no ‘us and them’ just us, perhaps we will all enter a chrysalis of our own, we have reached a threshold and there is no going back.
        Those of us who care need to ask “what is now possible?” I am no Pollyanna but I have hope in the courage that some of ‘us’ show in the face of total despair.

        I heard this the other day and it has been coming to mind….
        “Though we may be headed in the same direction, our spirals are mirror opposites”
        not sure how it applies to any of this, but it stuck with me.

        I think we are ‘swimming in clues’, time to dive deep.:) As always appreciate your blog and opinions.

    1. Then, and now. Coincidence that the American Taliban likes the name boojahideen, or booj for short? A certain segment of our population likes to take the worst ideas abroad and dress it up in the American flag and call the new tradition an old tradition. It’s as American as apple pie.

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