Ethan Hein Explains “Let Me Love You” by Ariana Grande

“When I went to listen to the song, I immediately heard all kinds of weird things in the rhythm: that the chords were falling on weak beats, that the downbeat was displaced, that the drum pattern was misaligned somehow. I wasn’t alone in hearing these things…The song might be intended to be romantic, but it’s so chilly and posthuman sounding that it could be a love song about robots. Pop music is weird right now!”

—Ethan Hein, “What is going on in this Ariana Grande song?” February 19, 2020

I don’t understand what Ethan is saying, but if I can get my head wrapped around it, it seems like there’s something interesting going on here. Who knew there was so much going on in an Ariana Grande song?

2 thoughts on “Ethan Hein Explains “Let Me Love You” by Ariana Grande

  1. Hi, thanks for linking! Looking forward to digging into the rest of your blog during my self-imposed coronavirus exile.

    1. It’s a weird feeling having someone who knows as much about music as you do look at posts of mine talking about how to find new music. But different views bring different things into focus. Hope you find something useful/interesting. =)

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