The Space Resource Report: 2020

China dominates. Asteroid mining dies but attends its own funeral. Reusable rockets lower the cost and increase access to space. The Moon, Mars, and asteroids all get new survey maps for water resources. Water-based thrusters perform well in orbit. Asteroids are blasted and samples collected. Space mining gets more legal scaffolding. The Moon gets one new rover and two new craters.

The aim of this document is to highlight the major developments surrounding space resources in 2019, with an eye towards following these developments through 2020 and beyond. Let’s get down to the science, business, policy, and real technology developments that will invigorate humanity’s expansion into space.

-David Rich, Joshua Schertz and Adam Hugo, “The Space Resource Report: 2020.” Janurary 24, 2020.

Fairly comprehensive overview. Worth checking out if you have any interest in this topic.