You Don’t Need Internet Shit / Crazytown…

“You don’t need internet shit, and you don’t need crazytown.”

There’s something I call the “90% rule” and is properly called “Sturgeon’s Law“. There was a time when people questioned science fiction as a genre. Theodore Sturgeon was a popular science fiction writer at the time, and critics would point out that the vast majority of science fiction was terrible. Sturgeon’s reply: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

The solution to crap is not to consume more crap, as if you were panning for gold. The solution is to focus on reducing the ratio of crap to gold. Instead of starting the New Year with a resolution about what you are going to start doing, perhaps do the opposite. What are you going to stop doing?

Start with the bullshit. In the main:

  1. Stop litigating the obvious.
  2. Stop apologizing, explaining and complaining.
  3. Stop trying to be liked.
  4. Stop getting involved in other people’s problems.
  5. Stop looking for good and bad guys.

Of course, there are always exceptions. There are times for an explanation and apology. The problem is when the exception becomes the rule. Discerning the difference is key:

“The undiscerning mind is like the root of the tree, it absorbs equally everything it touches, even the poison that would kill it.”

-Kung Fu, the television series