The Fruit of the Moment

We are all here for our own reasons. Those reasons aren’t important. What is important is that we came and that our time together is short. Wring magic from these transient moments, while you can.

Fear being stuck more than falling, and falling more than the crocodile by the shore or the tiger in the jungle. In the end, it is often the difficulties that matter the most. Life will find you. Eventually, it finds us all. As will its opposite.

The meaning of life is that it ends. Being in this moment, balancing on the fulcrum between survival and the sublime, our lives are spent in the shin deep mud of necessity – slippery, slick and shifting – looking to pick fruit from the fertile field. No one comes out clean, but sometimes, we find something good to eat.

Relentlessly prune abstraction. Savor the fruit of this moment. It is all we have.