Polyamorous Relationships

“More people than ever are pursuing polyamorous, open, or swinging relationships. With the growing number of polyamorous relationships, we need to get serious about analyzing the costs and benefits of polyamory—not just for individuals, but for families, cultures, and nations…

…Polyamory, at best, offers a new ethical vision of sexual relationships that prioritizes radical honesty, sexual sovereignty, freedom of association, and social networking.”

—Geoffrey Miller, “Polyamory Is Growing—And We Need To Get Serious About It.” Quillette. October 29, 2019.

So uncommon a term, polyamory wasn’t in my dictionary. On the surface, it sounds like a good idea. Trying to get most of our needs met by one person over time is a difficult proposition. But, on the other hand, more people means greater instability and more complex social dynamics. The result might very well be more people choosing to be alone.

5 thoughts on “Polyamorous Relationships

  1. I have actually found that more people means increased stability. There’s more people to bear the burden of different social expectations. Social dynamics are tricky since there are your partner’s other partners that you have to think about. But it’s definitely doable. “More support from more people” makes everything a whole lot easier, in my opinion.

  2. So a few questions come to mind….well, more than a few.

    First, how old is your dictionary??:)

    Second, does the hourly check in apply to GenZ/X poly relationships too? in that case you would have to be sure you had enough hours in the day to keep up with it all.:)

    Depending of course on your interests and desires I doubt that over time any one person can meet ‘most’ of the needs of another. Not impossible though, I have seen couples that ‘appear’ to be all that for each other, even ‘over time’.

    Having spent a great deal of time in the last few years pondering relationships of all kinds
    I have come to no definitive thoughts on the matter…..but that doesn’t mean I don’t have much to say about it all.

    1. I mostly post to WordPress using the app. So, I was referring to the AnySoftKeyboard default dictionary for the keyboard I use. I wouldn’t expect it to be comprehensive, but the fact this wasn’t in there was a little surprising.

      I’m going to guess the hourly check-in crowd probably has jealousy issues and are not, in the main, in poly relationships.

      As for relationship needs, I think it is entirely possible to get your emotional and other needs met with some combination of partner, friends and family. But, I can see that poly could be a possibility. Particularly, I found his comments about how still being in the “sexual market” provides incentives for people to take better care of themselves that benefit everyone around them and the development of the skills necessary to navigate a poly relationship were compelling arguments for it. However, that said, I don’t think it is for me. I find a relationship with one person is often challenging enough. Two or more would likely be too much.

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