Jacob Lund Fiskar: 10 Year Update

Jacob Lund Fiskar wrote Early Retirement Extreme. This post is after ten years of retirement. Interesting throughout.

“My spending has remained around the $7000 per year mark for almost twenty years now. Since we got married thirteen years ago, my wife’s spending has also hovered around the $7000 per year mark. In other words, our combined expenses total about $14,000 per year…

…Spending money mainly serves to resolve friction from inefficient lifestyle design. And for us, there’s just not a whole lot of friction left anymore except real-estate, taxes, and insurance premiums, which account for nearly 60% of our budget. We consider spending money a failure to solve our problems by smarter means.”

—Jacob Lund Fiskar, “Early Retirement Extreme: The ten year update.” GetRichSlowly.org. October 2, 2019