RSS Starter Pack

I’ve talked about using an RSS reader before and I just came across a list of RSS feeds from Warren Ellis that I thought served as a good example. Below, find a list of my recommended feeds.

Suggested use: When I see a list like Warren’s I subscribe to everything. Initially, your reader will load the last 20 or 30 posts from each, I ended up with 800 plus new posts. I mark them all as read, then a see what comes in and whether I find it interesting. If I don’t, I unsubscribe. Over time, they change and if something no longer works for you or you are looking at too much, then trim it down to the best feeds at a volume you can manage.

RSS | Reuters: Top News: First stop for what is happening in the world today.

RSS | The Morning News: Most interesting articles popular on the Internet.

RSS | The Intercept: Adversarial journalism, holding people in power accountable.

RSS | Daily Curiosity: Five interesting articles every weekday.

RSS | Boing Boing: Blog covering highlights of what is happening online.

RSS | Longreads: Best long articles on the Internet.

RSS | Los Angeles Review of Books: Good way to keep on top of new books coming out.

RSS | Schneier on Security: Schneier is arguably the best security blog out there.

RSS | Cool Tools: An ongoing list of cool tools, better ones get revisited often.

RSS | Emptywheel: If you really want to know what’s happening in the criminal proceedings with Trump, et al.

RSS | Open Culture: The best of the really interesting, and free, stuff on the Internet.

RSS | Slate Star Codex: Psychiatry, philosophy and other topics.

RSS | The Red Hand Files: Nick Cave responds to fans.

RSS | Short of the Week: Lots of great shorts.

RSS | Standard Ebooks – New Releases: Standard Ebooks makes great ebooks.

RSS | War and Peas: Comic with off color commentary.

RSS | Dinosaur Comics!: Same few panels of dinosaurs having conversations.