Confessions of an Islamic State Fighter | 1843

“Erion’s family say they don’t resent Lladrovci for blackmailing them.
‘We begged as many Albanians in Syria as we could to bring Erion back,’
Suad Sadullahi, Erion’s cousin, told me. ‘We even asked Lavdrim
Muhaxheri. Fitim [Lladrovci] was the only one who agreed.’ Two weeks after Erion had been returned, Sadullahi travelled to Obilic to give Lladrovci the promised money. When they met, Sadullahi began to
appreciate why Lladrovci had turned to jihad. ‘I walked into
that house, took one look at that family – the unbelievable poverty of that family – and I remember thinking to myself: Fitim’s reasons for
joining the Islamic State had nothing to do with Islam.'”

—Alexander Clapp, “—Confessions of an Islamic State fighter.” 1843. [August 2019?]

So rare to have an article that presents an issue live the Islamic State from the perspective of a jihadi fighter.