3 thoughts on “Modafinil Blues — Matthew Dear

  1. Lyrics:

    I’m a touch fast
    Though I’ll be last
    To play with a heart from the start
    I’ll be straight
    The second best boy
    Unlike the rest, boy
    I’ll stick around in the house of your mind
    At the gates
    And I never thought they’d get to you
    So tell me have they gotten to you, too?
    Did you tell them what they wanted to know?
    Did you show them what I wanted to show, too
    And it’s coming undone so I run and I run
    But there’s
    Nowhere left worth
    Running to
    And it’s hopeless at best
    But what do we get?
    A sense of regret which feels like
    Nothing new
    I’m the white ash
    From a smoke stack
    Helplessly floating from embers
    That create
    Troubled at best boy
    Another decoy
    Tipping my hat to the man
    Fanning the flame
    I never thought they could get you to crack
    So tell me how they got me to crack you
    Did you really think you could trust
    Such a man with a head full of rust, too
    As it was coming undone
    I could have told you to run
    But I searched and I yearned
    For that pill
    To get me through
    And I’m helpless at best
    Equal to the rest
    I’ll always forget
    Not to review (?)

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