Wishful Thinking: Reading List for 2019

Last year, I tried a reading list experiment. The goal was to narrow down my ever expanding list of books to read to a manageable set for the year by selecting a 101 books. It was too much. So, this year, I’ll try the same, but reduce the number to one book a week, counting the six books that are less than 100 pages as one book.

  1. Albertine, Viv. To Throw Away Unopened. 320 pgs.
  2. Bardugo, Leigh. Six of Crows. 465 pgs.
  3. Bardugo, Leigh. Crooked Kingdom. 536 pgs.
  4. Bourdain, Anthony. Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. 312 pgs.
  5. Bowden, Charles. The Red Caddy. 120 pgs.
  6. Bui, Thi. The Best We Could Do. 329 pgs.
  7. Bujold, Lois McMaster. The Curse of Chalion. 490 pgs.
  8. Bujold, Lois McMaster. Paladin of Souls. 470 pgs.
  9. Bujold, Lois McMaster. The Hallowed Hunt. 423 pgs.
  10. Chiang, Ted. Stories of Your Life and Others. 281 pgs.
  11. Davis, Eleanor. You & a Bike & a Road. 172 pgs.
  12. Díaz, Junot. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. 335 pgs.
  13. Doucet, Julie. 365 Days. 360 pgs.
  14. Egan, Greg. Dichronauts. 312 pgs.
  15. Epicurus. The Art of Happiness. 288 pgs.
  16. Farrukhzad, Furugh. Sin: Selected Poems of Furugh Farrukhzad. 136 pgs.
  17. Feinberg, Leslie. Stone Butch Blues. 308 pgs.
  18. Fisher, B. K. Radioapocrypha. 82 pgs.
  19. Gwynne, S. C. Empire of the Summer Moon. 384 pgs.
  20. Hart, Tom. Rosalie Lightning: A Graphic Memoir. 272 pgs.
  21. Howe, Fanny. The Winter Sun: Notes on a Vocation. 196 pgs.
  22. James, Marlon. The Book of Night Women. 417 pgs.
  23. Jos, Charles. feeld. 80 pgs.
  24. Kraus, Chris. Aliens & Anorexia. 244 pgs.
  25. Lester, C. N. Trans Like Me. 240 pgs.
  26. Lispector, Clarice. The Complete Stories. 640 pgs.
  27. Madhubuti, Haki R. Run Toward Fear: New Poems and a Poet’s Handbook. 68 pgs.
  28. Morgan, Richard K. Thin Air. 400 pgs.
  29. Moore, Elizabeth Anne. Sweet Little Cunt: The Graphic Works of Julie Doucet. 214 pgs.
  30. Myles, Eileen. Not Me. 202 pgs.
  31. Nelson, Maggie. Bluets. 98 pgs.
  32. Pink, Sam. The Garbage Times/White Ibis. 272 pgs.
  33. Pollan, Michael. How to Change Your Mind. 480 pgs.
  34. Pressfield, Steven. Gates of Fire. 384 pgs.
  35. Prine, John. Beyond Words: Lyrics, Chords, Photographs. 180 pgs.
  36. Rankine, Claudia. Citizen: An American Lyric. 169 pgs.
  37. Rosling, Hans. Factfulness. 342 pgs.
  38. Saroyan, William. The William Saroyan Reader. 498 pgs.
  39. Scott, James C. The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia. 464 pgs.
  40. Sim, Dave. Cerebus. 546 pgs.
  41. Smith, Clark Ashton. The Devil’s Notebook: Collected Epigrams and Pensees of Clark Ashton Smith. 82 pgs.
  42. Sylvester, David. Interviews with Francis Bacon. 208 pgs.
  43. Taylor, Irene. The Assassin’s Cloak: An Anthology of the World’s Greatest Diarists. 706 pgs.
  44. Tidbeck, Karin. Jagannath. 114 pgs.
  45. Tillman, Lynne. The Complete Madame Realism: And Other Stories. 296 pgs.
  46. Towles, Amor. A Gentleman in Moscow. 462 pgs.
  47. Trudell, John. Lines From A Mined Mind: The Words of John Trudell. 270 pgs.
  48. Watts, Alan. The Wisdom of Insecurity. 152 pgs.
  49. Wells, Martha. All Systems Red. 144 pgs.
  50. Wells, Martha. Artificial Condition. 158 pgs.
  51. Wells, Martha. Rogue Protocol. 158 pgs.
  52. Wells, Martha. Exit Strategy. 176 pgs.
  53. Westhale, July. Trailer Trash. 76 pages.
  54. Westover, Tara. Educated: a Memoir. 334 pgs.
  55. Wilkinson, Karen. The Art of Tinkering. 224 pgs.
  56. Villoro, Juan. The Wild Book. 240 pgs.
  57. Yong, Ed. I Contain Multitudes. 368 pgs.

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