How the Godfather of Cyberpunk Would Write Software

“[Cyberpunk science fiction writer William Gibson] begins each day by reading the whole manuscript again…

…What if we began each day by re-reading all the code [reviewing all the numbers, editing the work, revisiting our assumptions, etc.] we’d written for the story/feature/bug we were working on?

…Skimming is a kind of reading, but it’s often fooled me into believing I know more than I do.”

—Marcus Blankenship. “How the Godfather of Cyberpunk Would Write Software.” November 4, 2017.

Thought the need for immersing ourselves in our material, revisiting, editing and evolving before we move into expanding and creating something new was an interesting idea, one that runs counter to the tendencies of our time. Might also explain why his books tend to be short.