2 thoughts on ““Seeing White” series on Scene on Radio

  1. The term “whiteness” has been appropriated and redefined by black rhetoric. Whatever is said about whites under this discourse is actually true about blacks.

    1. It sounds like giving this series a listen might be extremely challenging to your worldview. It’s so rare to find such a circumstance and embrace it!

      I could try to convince you one way or another, but let’s be honest: the only person that can convince you to change your mind is you. But, you cannot do that if you’re too busy defending your worldview and trying to be right. Whatever the truth is, most of us don’t even know our own truth, much less social truths around race, gender, class, etc. If we were to argue, chances are we’d both be very wrong, particularly about all the things that lie outside our direct experience, which is why listening to a series like this one can be important to us, individually. It is an opportunity to expand our perspective.

      Take up the challenge. Or, don’t. In the end, it’s your choice, and the only implications your choice will have will be on what kind of person you choose to be. Good luck to you.

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