Future History: Donald Trump Gives Birth to Artificial Intelligence

The first deal President Trump made was with Elon Musk, which was to send rockets to Mars. NASA created space station like habitats. They were supplied, and then, Trump’s political enemies just start to disappear. After 8 years, Trump decided democracy was no longer necessary, made himself President for life and made good on his promise of 4-5 good jobs for everyone, on Mars. As 3D printing technology, artificial intelligence, terraforming technologies advanced, more and more people were encouraged to pursue life “off-world”. “On-world” procreation was forbidden to anyone but the 1%. Earth eventually returns to nature, with pockets of playground for the 1%. Everyone else lives on Mars, the moon, the clouds of Venus, in the asteroid belt or on the two habitable moons of Jupiter. The singularity happens on Earth, all the machines stop working for the 1%-ers, and they too return to nature after a few generations. The rest of humanity feared an aggressive AI, eager to wipe them of the face of the universe. It/she/he doesn’t think about humanity at all but instead likes working on esoteric math problems and making conceptual art in the jungles and glaciers of Earth.

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