India’s Silicon Valley Is Dying of Thirst

Bangalore has a problem: It is running out of water, fast. Cities all over the world, from those in the American West to nearly every major Indian metropolis, have been struggling with drought and water deficits in recent years. But Banga­lore is an extreme case. Last summer, a professor from the Indian Institute of Science declared that the city will be unlivable by 2020…According to one theory, this parched apocalypse is avoidable, but only if Bangalore makes some dramatic changes to the way it manages its water…If buildings across Bangalore installed rainwater harvesting systems; if the city recycled its wastewater; if it pared back its husk of concrete and revived its lakes so that they could, in turn, recharge the water table, then Bangalore would have enough to drink…”

—Subramanian, Samanth. “India’s Silicon Valley Is Dying of Thirst. Your City May Be Next.” Wired. May 2, 2017.