Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee

“I think that what Tucker says much of the time is completely reprehensible and divorced from reality,” Lemon said, “but he has a right to be in a space and not be accosted and not be ambushed by anyone.”

—Don Lemon, CNN anchor, quoted by Sarah Polus, “Don Lemon defends Tucker Carlson amid confrontation, July 27, 2021.

Not the only news anchor with this opinion, apparently. I’ll point out the obvious. If there is no forum where you are held to account, where you have to respond, seriously, to questions and criticism, then you’ve left with only the court of public opinion and the ambush interview or comment. Don’t like it? Select a different outlet to respond in good faith to criticism or pursue another line of work.

It reminds me of a quote I once read by David Lee Roth. His interviewer asked him how he handles fame since so many celebrities have trouble with it. He said, roughly, “Oh, honey, that’s the job.”