Commerical Album – The Residents

“Here’s the concept: The structure of most pop songs consists of only two parts, the verse and the chorus. Since the verse and chorus usually repeat three times in a three-minute song, a pop tune really only consists of one minute of music. Cut out the repetition and you can, therefore, fit 40 pop songs onto a 40-minute record. And that’s exactly what the Residents have done on The Commercial Album, the title of which comes from the band’s deduction that since pop songs only consist of one minute of music and most advertisements are about a minute long also, ad jingles are ‘therefore the music of America.’ Got it?”

-Rick Anderson, “The Commercial Album.”

“1980’s Commercial Album was a set of 40 pop songs, each 60 seconds long; the group created short films for several of the tunes, and purchased 41-minute commercial spots on a major San Francisco radio station, with each of the album’s songs being played once over the course of several days.”

-Mark Deming, “The Residents.”

And something newer for good measure.