PSA: Your Call Is Important to Us

If I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes, listening to an automated message telling me:

  • My call is important to you
  • An apology for the wait

It’s a classic case of “I cannot hear what you are saying because what you are doing is talking too loud”. If I’m on hold that long, you’re telling me through your actions that my call is not important to you. And, the only real apology is corrected behavior. If you keep doing it, it’s not an apology.

More importantly, when I finally do get to talk to some person, I’m more likely to believe that the person working for this organization is in a culture where lying is the norm, and it will shade our interaction.

Inexpensive Landline/VoIP Service Replacement: The OBi202 Voice Adapter

Recently, I had a need for to have a plug-in, landline phone. A cell phone simply wouldn’t get the job done.

Our Internet provider was charging $50/month for VoIP, and even a VoIP specialist wanted $30/month. I wanted a less expensive VoIP option, and I thought there should be something that works with Google Voice. I found the OBi202 Voice adapter.

The OBi202 Voice adapter has two traditional telephone ports, two network ports, a USB and a port for power. This enables you to set-up a traditional telephone line and a separate line for a fax machine. Then, this plugs into the line between your router and the rest of your local network.

You pay a one-time fee for the device, between $65-100, depending on where you purchase and whether it is on sale. There’s a quick set-up process through their website. I had the whole thing up in running inside of 15 minutes. Recommended.

Jolly Roger Telephone Company

“Tired of telemarketers calling your landline or mobile?

Now there’s a way to fight back!

We provide friendly, patient robots that talk to these rude telemarketers for you. They love to chit-chat, and will often keep nasty callers engaged for several minutes.

By keeping the bad guys busy, you keep them from pestering other innocent people, and you hit them where it hurts most…their wallets…because no matter how hard they try, our robots won’t ever buy anything.