Creation Cattywampus

Communities are defined by their peripheries when they have no center or multiple centers. The edge case is the border between  inside and outside. Even within, your distance from the center and the edge constitutes a geometry of potential otherness and potential identity. A sun, a planet, a land, a state, a town. It’s the same turtle, just different sizes all the way down. But, it’s not just turtles in the world. Cattywumpus creations that don’t fit on the edge or in the center provide a new vision.

Imagine seeing with new eyes. At base, monochromatic dolphins, dichromatic elephants, trichromatic humans all perceive the world differently, in addition to their other differences. The amount of  time we spent looking at screens may even cause a return of tetrachromacy in humans, seeing with four channels might help with eye strain. But, evolution favors fewer channels and creatures in genetic lines that once had more now have less. What does a mantris shrimp see with its twelve channels of color? What would happen if we woke one day with icosachromatic vision (twenty channels of color)? Would a human with icosachromatic vision even be human anymore?