PSA: Your Call Is Important to Us

If I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes, listening to an automated message telling me:

  • My call is important to you
  • An apology for the wait

It’s a classic case of “I cannot hear what you are saying because what you are doing is talking too loud”. If I’m on hold that long, you’re telling me through your actions that my call is not important to you. And, the only real apology is corrected behavior. If you keep doing it, it’s not an apology.

More importantly, when I finally do get to talk to some person, I’m more likely to believe that the person working for this organization is in a culture where lying is the norm, and it will shade our interaction.

PSA: Tics, lol

There has been plenty of discussion of verbal tics: such as standpoint modifiers, fillers, endpoint modifiers, softeners, up talk, fast talk and vocal fry. The funny thing about that kind of discussion is that it normally assumes the speaker is not aware of what they are doing and/or it reflects the speaker’s internal emotional state.

But, I have some of these problems. Sometimes, I’ll use a “softener” because the person I am talking to doesn’t like conflict. The reality is sometimes you do these things out of consideration for others, not unconsciouslessly or because of personal anxiety, insecurity or whatever.

However, I recently noticed someone that uses “lol” after every sentence in an online forum. I’ve known a few people that do that, and I’m sure you do too. It’s generally a very clear sign that there is no point interacting with that person beyond a surface level, and there isn’t much interesting they are going to say. Perhaps that is unfair, but it seems true. It’s the first writing tic that I have noticed. Now, I want to start discovering others.