OpenBSD’s Guide to Netiquette

The OpenBSD's mailing list page netiquette section is excellent. It is a distillation of how to communicate online, i.e.: Plain text, 72 characters per line [or simplest formatting available]Do your homework before writingInclude a useful subject line [or headline]Trim your signatureStay on topicInclude important informationRespect differences in opinion and philosophy Using only plain text is … Continue reading OpenBSD’s Guide to Netiquette

Semi-Auto Cut-Up: Another Offering (KJV)

Eat the congregation, together,smite them afraid, blast vessels.O ye dead life, mercy, semblanceof a kind, a measure of shadow.But, they had no prophet, neighborsand friends, children of fate, troubledthe Others, remember them not, no-name,wilderness sacrifices, sore consumed.Desolation came and passed, Death,bare the enemy, dead, desolate,good and great together into the land,begat headstones, seeds unto the … Continue reading Semi-Auto Cut-Up: Another Offering (KJV)