What Would Americans Do? (Invasion Edition)

“As the world witnesses what is happening to Ukraine, Americans were asked what they would do if they were in the same position as Ukrainians are now: stay and fight or leave the country? A majority (55 percent) say they would stay and fight, while 38 percent say they would leave the country. Republicans say 68 – 25 percent and independents say 57 – 36 percent they would stay and fight, while Democrats say 52 – 40 percent they would leave the country.”

-“Vast Majority Of Americans Say Ban Russian Oil, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Nearly 8 In 10 Support U.S. Military Response If Putin Attacks A NATO Country.” Quinnipiac Poll. March 7, 2022.

Perhaps related:

“There are differences in gun ownership rates by political party affiliation, gender, geography and other factors. For instance, 44% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they personally own a gun, compared with 20% of Democrats and Democratic leaners.”

-Katherine Schaeffer, “Key facts about Americans and guns.” Pew Research Center. September 13, 2021

What I think is interesting is the 22(D) – 24(R)% who don’t personally own a gun. When they imagine fighting, what are they fighting with? Also, a question for liberal politics: if you have to worry about an invasion, does your position on “gun control” change?