First Article, On-Spec: Ergo’s Hybrid Method for Counting Costs

I wanted to note that I wrote an on-spec piece for the Ergo cryptocurrency that was published yesterday. It started with watching this developer update, where Joe Armeanio, the business manager for the Ergo Foundation, mentioned that they were looking to translate a technical topic for a general audience. I volunteered to do it. The editorial team sent me the link to the developer’s paper (morphic). I did a summary. morphic reviewed what I had written, twice, and we got it to the point where he thought it was correct. An editor from the group reviewed the article, and he made a significant number of changes. The community read it, and someone made a title change suggestion. It went from idea to finished piece in just over 24 hours.

It’s the first time I’ve been paid to write. The funny part, I had so much help, it hardly feels like I wrote it at all. Recommended experience.