End The Conversation; Give Up the Last Word

One of the the things I like about the Internet is you’re going to encounter very different types of people. You’ll talk with them in some forum. At some point, you’ll come to the realization that a conversation you are engaged in isn’t worth having. There’s simply nowhere interesting for the conversation to go.

In most cases, you can simply stop. You don’t need to carry on to the end, as if you are on some kind of conversational Trail of Tears. There’s no one forcing you to continue. So, don’t. On the internet, all you have to do is direct your attention somewhere else.

Offline, it’s the same. You can stand up and any moment, and simply walk away. Slightly more considerate: excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and don’t come back. If it is someone you see regularly, you can say, “You make an interesting point. Let me think about it.” And then, change the discussion or go quiet and think about something else. if they try to start the conversation up again, you can tell them that your mind wandered off, thinking about other things and have nothing additional to say.

The problem is we want to convince people. We want to be right. We want to show them how smart and clever we are. We often want the last word.

Give up showing off. Give up the last word. Stop doing something that isn’t worth your time, particularly when it is no longer fun.