Thoughtcrime: I Fought the LAWS and the LAWS Won

Editor’s Note: Some links in this article lead to media sites and journals that are affiliated with the Iranian military. If access to such sites is prohibited by your employer’s policy, please do not click links in this article from a work computer.

-Evan Omeed Lisman, “Iran’s Bet on Autonomous Weapons.” War on the Rocks. August 30, 2021.

Drone swarms are the future of warfare. Strikes me as next level stupid for an employer in this space to prohibit their employees from even accessing this information on their work computer. But, I suppose working for the government can lead to brain damage.

For more on LAWS, you might try this podcast:

“Lethal autonomous weapons represent the novel miniaturization and integration of modern AI and robotics technologies for military use. This emerging technology thus represents a potentially critical inflection point in the development of AI governance. Whether we allow AI to make the decision to take human life and where we draw lines around the acceptable and unacceptable uses of this technology will set precedents and grounds for future international AI collaboration and governance. Such regulation efforts or lack thereof will also shape the kinds of weapons technologies that proliferate in the 21st century. On this episode of the AI Alignment Podcast, Paul Scharre joins us to discuss autonomous weapons, their potential benefits and risks, and the ongoing debate around the regulation of their development and use.

-“AIAP: On Lethal Autonomous Weapons with Paul Scharre.” Future of Life Institute Podcast

2 thoughts on “Thoughtcrime: I Fought the LAWS and the LAWS Won

  1. In answer to the question “How are humans different from other animals?” I offered this answer: we kill from a distance. Strikes me as next-level stupid to raise the stakes further by using LAWs but there is little doubt that’s where militaries are headed. It’s also a weird callback to one of the Star Wars installments about drone wars and that Black Mirror episode with hunter-killer robot dogs. Pure insanity, the continued investment in our self-built dystopia.

    1. Capitalism and technology cannot abide a limit. If it can be done, it eventually will be done, by someone. It’s probably the essence of the Fermi Paradox, where it is real difficult to evolve a culture that survives a critical threshold of technological capability.

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