Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Savers

I came across this review for Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Savers. Key quote:

“Like a hard racquetball that has been sliced in half, the Footsavers are designed to help realign the bones, muscles and tendons in your feet. You stand on them and work your feet, positioning each foot down the inside line, outside line and mid-line.

It’s a simple routine that’s explained on the instructional DVD it comes with. If you have any foot discomfort, the kind you get from imperfect shoes or simply being on your feel all day, these really can make a difference.

Turns out there is a ball for whole body work, and Yamuna is a whole lifestyle brand. This is not normally something I would be interested in, but I’ve had tingling in my feet and the pinky and ring finger on my left hand for a few years now. So, I’m willing to try anything that might help. Bookmarking to check out later, and I’ll return to this and post a discussion of anything interesting, even if it doesn’t work, after I’ve done their four week foot fix challenge. Even if it doesn’t fix my tingling, perhaps I’ll be able to do an Asian squat without rolling to the balls of my feet because of limited ankle flexibility? I’m open to whatever benefits it may bring.