The Right Way to Breathe

“…your nasal cavities produce the molecule nitric oxide, which chemists abbreviate NO, that increases blood flow through the lungs and boosts oxygen levels in the blood. Breathing in through the nose delivers NO directly into the lungs, where it helps fight coronavirus infection by blocking the replication of the coronavirus in the lungs. But many people who exercise or engage in yoga also receive the benefits of inhaling through the nose instead of the mouth. The higher oxygen saturation of the blood can make one feel more refreshed and provides greater endurance…

…Remember to inhale through your nose; exhale through your mouth.”

—Louis Ignarro, “Powerful Medical Benefit: The Right Way to Breathe During the Coronavirus Pandemic.” SciTechDaily. July 8, 2020.

I’d guess the effect of this controlled breathing is more due to a technique of Box Breathing than for NO. Still an interesting idea.