3 thoughts on “Spaceship Earth directed by Matt Wolf

    1. If you check it out, be interested in your thoughts on it. I went to Biosphere 2 once. It seems like a really intuitive idea, but then, there’s always the human element to consider that determines how these play out in reality.

      1. This would be a long conversation….a few surprising things (well more than a few) first the reference to Mount Analogue by Rene Daumal more than once in the doc, I quoted from it in a previous blog womenofacertainagedotca.com/2019/05/12/-wanderlust-dance-and-blogging
        the whole life as theatre concept, the really quite amazing success the group had at many different projects. The ‘money man’ who funded most of it and then the ‘leader’ John Allen….the questions of cult and is every new way of thinking, living in some way cult like?
        -dthen the actual two year experiment and as you point out, the human element the wild card that almost always ends up going sideways in some way.
        Steve Bannon! a younger good looking, healthy version coming in at a crisis point, even back then a sort of mystery man, what has he ever seen as the way forward? how does he pop up in the strangest places and then disappear. as I said a long conversation. So good that much actual footage was taken at the time and that people were willing to share their thoughts looking back. Enjoyed it, much food for thought.

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