Begin in Your Own Heart

“Hence, the healing of the world does not begin in some far-off land that we must hasten to help, but in the geography of your own heart. There the sinner is washed in mercy and becomes thereby an instrument of mercy, not merely by his prayers, but in everything he does. For he is a vessel of grace. We cannot heal all the world’s problems, but we begin with our own heart if our help is to amount to anything.

For our response is not limited to prayer for the afflicted. We practice justice, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, bury the dead. We forgive injury and do not resort to revenge, to reprisal, to contempt. In our world. Where we are.

It costs nothing and is worth more than anyone can tell. And it is this way the world is healed, with Christ dying daily everywhere and we with Him.”

-Matthew Kelty, “Begin in Your Own Heart.

A fairly sizable list of Matthew Kelty’s homilies is available online.